Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream from Tesco

I never keep anything like Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream in my freezer.  If I do have an ice cream there, it’s normally a chocolate based one such as Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food (yuuum!).

However, in a recent spike of having warm chocolate brownies for dessert (home made Hummingbird Bakery Cook Book ones and also Mary Berry’s chocolate brownie from Tesco), I needed a plain vanilla ice cream to pop in the freezer to put with my desserts.

Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream Tesco

Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream

As I was already in Tesco, getting the Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie, I opted to get the Tesco Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream.

The packaging was pretty basic, so I wasn’t expecting an outstanding ice cream.  I just wanted a regular ice cream to put on my warm brownies.

The brownie would be the main focus of my dessert and taste buds, so the packaging and low cost of the ice cream didn’t mean much.

Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream Tesco

First Impression

Once our brownies were warmed, I proceeded to add some of the Cornish Cream Ice Cream on top.  As usual, I prepared my husband’s first, as I needed to take photos of mine.

Once I’d added his Cornish Cream Ice Cream, I then licked the spoon…and OMG!  It was de-li-cious!!

I was so surprised! It was so so creamy!

Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream Tesco

It was thick and heavy, but at the same time it was light, and really easy to scoop out of the tub.

The consistency was so smooth and dreamy.  Not at all icey, like a lot of tubs of ice cream can be.

If you live in South Wales you’ll know who I’m talking about here, and this will surprise you – but it was almost (but not fully) as delicious as Joes Ice Cream!! Honestly!

Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream Tesco


Until such point that they change the recipe (like they recently did with something else I loved, grr!) then this Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream will now be a permanent addition to my freezer.

This is now going to be making a lot more shows on our dining table, especially when Summer comes around.  It will also be a regular addition to my hot desserts such as brownies, in place of cream – which is my usual dessert tipple!

If you’re looking for a great supermarket vanilla ice cream, then I can’t recommend this Cornish Cream Ice Cream enough!


Now I can’t wait to go topping shopping!

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Have you tried this Tesco Cornish Cream Dairy Ice Cream yet?  What vanilla ice cream do you recommend?


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