DidiCakes Bath – Chocolate Brulee & Salted Caramel Cupcake

When I arrived in Bath, it didn’t take me long to spot DidiCakes.  Its beautiful blue shop front shone out at me like a beacon, with big bright silver letters spelling out their cute name.  I found a parking space as fast as I could and ran inside.

DidiCakes Bath Shop Front

DidiCakes First Impressions

The inside of DidiCakes was so bright, clean and sparkly.  I was instantly impressed.

Their style, in my eyes, was modern French patisserie, crossed with retro fifties America.  That’s how it made me feel, anyway.

Well this place was like heaven on earth!  The most fabulous display of sweet treats I’ve ever seen!

Unlike bakeries, with their mixture of sweet and savoury – DidiCakes was just a veritable feast for the eyes of a sweet treat lover, such as myself.

DidiCakes Bath Cake Display

I was literally spoilt for choice. If I could have bought one of everything I’m pretty sure I would have.

Salivating, I asked what was their best seller, and was told their Salted Caramel Cupcake.

As the lady boxed my cupcake, I was instantly drawn to the slice of Chocolate Brulee and asked for that to be boxed also.

Back at home (nearly two hours away) I could not get my box of cakes out quick enough.  My husband rolled his eyes at the, quite normal, sight of me like an excited child opening my box of treats again.

Salted Caramel Cupcake

The car journey home had taken its toll on my little cupcake.  Whilst still beautiful, it had lopsided slightly, so my photos don’t do it justice of its original glory.

DidiCakes Bath Salted Caramel Cupcake

Cutting through the cupcake, the salted caramel topping held its form quite well, considering.  It had a cute little bite sized salted pretzel on top.  The chocolate cake was dark and delicious looking, denser than a sponge cake, as it should be.

Now, surprisingly, I’m actually not a huge cupcake fan. I love and appreciate their beauty.  But something stops me from truly embracing them, despite being one of the most popular types of treats bakers make.

DidiCakes Bath Salted Caramel Cupcake

The cake was delicious.  A nice rich chocolate flavour, without being too heavy.  It was moist enough that it didn’t stick in my mouth like some cupcakes can.

The salted caramel topping was a funny one.  It was certainly yummy, though I found it a little too sweet for me, a big sweet lover.

Strangely, my husband who does not have a sweet tooth, and tends to turn his nose away from any desserts, loved the topping!! “Wow” he exclaimed. “That is gooood!”.  Isn’t that funny?

DidiCakes Bath Cake Display

DidiCakes had loads of flavours in their cupcake range, and I certainly won’t hesitate to try more of them next time.  A popular one I keep seeing being shared on social media is their S’mores cupcake, so that’s on my radar.

Chocolate Bruleé Slice

Oh. My. Goodness. There are no words good enough that can describe the absolute heavenliness of this dessert.

I literally want to cry, whenever I think about it, because I know I don’t have any here to enjoy.

DidiCakes Bath Chocolate Brulee

Where to start… The base. I’m not really sure what the base was made of.  It was like a combination of sweet shortcrust, flan case, and cake.  I mean – I’ve never had anything like it.

The base was sweet, but not overly so.  Dense, yet light.  It was firm enough that it held the filling nicely, but my fork broke into it with ease.  Delicious on its own, I’m sure.

The filling was so soft, with a delicate yet obvious chocolate flavour.  It was like a bruleé and custard tart filling hybrid, chocolate style.

DidiCakes Bath Chocolate Brulee

Firm like a mousse, but smooth like a bruleé, it gave me reason to bite whilst melting in my mouth at the same time.

The filling and base combined is surely what heaven must taste like. Surely.

This chocolate bruleé was possibly the most beautiful dessert I’ve put in my mouth to date. I’m not even exaggerating.  I’m pretty sure as I closed my eyes to savour it, I heard angels sing.  LAAAAAAAAA (you know what I mean).

DidiCakes Bath Chocolate Brulee

My last words upon finishing the chocolate bruleé were “THAT is Christmas day dessert sorted”.

(and any other day I can get it too)

Well done DidiCakes. Well done.  If heaven is a DidiCakes Chocolate Bruleé then send me there now!

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DidiCakes Bath can be found at 132 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BG and bake all of their goods instore, daily.  Go there!!


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