8 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow RIGHT NOW for Total Sweet Treat Eye Candy!

You’re on Instagram right?  Who isn’t these days!  I’m sure I could write a post each week about the amazing accounts I’m coming across that I love.  But for now, here are the 8 Instagram accounts that I’m totally crushing on right now for total sweet treat eye candy!

8 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow RIGHT NOW For Total Sweet Treat Eye Candy


Instagram is sweet treat heaven

One of the (many) joys of being a dessert blogger, is that I’m always on the lookout for people to follow on social media within the dessert and sweet treat niche.  And boy oh boy, have I found some absolute crackers!

From the artisticly ‘too pretty to eat’, to the down right hysterical – some people just know how to nail their social media accounts and keep people coming back for more.  Nowhere more so, than the photo-focussed Instagram.

Instagram is a haven of visual delight

People have the ability to capture emotions in you with just one photo.  Yes, even with desserts!  Never before have I found myself feeling sorry for an ice cream!

On that note, and without further ado, here are 8 Instagram accounts you need to follow RIGHT NOW, for total sweet treat eye candy!

In no particular order:


@Naomi.Bakes specialises in GORGEOUS layer cakes.  Always keeping bang on trend, you’ll find simply stunning ombre cakes, drip cakes, and naked cakes, but with her own classy take on it.  She also features some beautiful block colours in gorgeous tones.

8 Instagram Accounts Naomi Bakes

Look at those beauties!

@Naomi.Bakes has an amazing eye for colour matching – creating truly visually stunning designs.  She creates amazing detail in big, bold design.  Her cakes are, what I would call, ‘mixed media’ – using chocolate, biscuit, and meringue, for example, in her decorating.

11 Instagram Accounts Naomi Bakes

My favourite @Naomi.Bakes at the moment is the recently posted blue beauty on the right here.

8 Instagram Accounts Noami Bakes

Look at that colour!!  Stunning!

Follow @Naomi.Bakes on Instagram here.


The @MeringueGirls Instagram account is a colour explosion!

Their Instagram gallery is a clever mix of colourful photos of their products, and their products in use, along with photos of the @MeringueGirls team that completely make you feel like you want to be one of the gang!  (Can I be? Huh, Can I???)

You just know that these guys have an awesome time at work!

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow MeringueGirls

The @MeringueGirls website is also absolutely gorgeous.  Awash with rainbow colours and outstanding photography, it makes me want to head straight to their London based shop and roll around in all the colourful magnificence!  (Yes, if I ever went to their shop – I’d roll around in it, because I’ve no doubt I’d get up completely covered in glitter.  I imagine that’s what their floor is made of!)

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow MeringueGirls

Contrary to what you may think, @MeringueGirls create more than just beautiful meringue kisses.  According to their website, MeringueGirls.co.uk, they are knocking out on average – 8000 meringues, 1000 brownies, 500 lollipops, 300 marshmallows and 25 cakes per week!!  PER WEEK!

That is one exceptionally busy meringue-ery (is that the correct term instead of bakery?)

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow MeringueGirls

They also have some HUGE names on their client list, including – Dior, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, and Stella McCartney – to name literally just a few of the many.

They also have two super cute cook books out – Meringue Girls Cook Book, and Meringue Girls, Everything Sweet.  I really need to get my hands on these two!  Available from their website here – MeringueGirls.co.uk

Follow @MeringueGirls on Instagram here.


@Milkmaid.cakes in Brisbane, Australia, create artistic celebration cakes and treats.  Most of their gorgeous designs on Instagram fuse sweet treats with nature, to produce absolutely beautiful designs.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow MilkmaidCakes

Far from using fondant icing flowers, @Milkmaid.Cakes use real flowers and foliage in their designs, and the results speak for themselves.  I don’t think you could get much better than a freshly baked and decorated cake, with beautiful real flowers adorning it.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow MilkmaidCakes

Look at how gorgeous the cakes are!  @Milkmaid.Cakes add to their designs with extras such as edible gold and sprinkles.

And their other treats get no less attention.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow MilkmaidCakes

From chocolate tarts to gluten free brownies, none of @Milkmaid.Cakes treats miss out on any of the special floral detail.

Follow @Milkmaid.Cakes on Instagram here.


@Slutty_Gingerbread…how do I explain them…?  They are gingerbreads, that are…well, slutty! Ha ha!

8 Instagram Accounts You NEED to Follow SluttyGingerbread

Don’t be mistaken though – on their Instagram account, @Slutty_Gingerbread say “Help us make slutty stand for irresistibly delicious – and nothing else!”.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow SluttyGingerbread

How could you not completely love these little ladies??  And their names just add to their appeal – Cordiline, Gundel, Gertrude, Heidi, Brunhilde and Waltraut! Ha ha!

Keeping up with the the celebrity world, you’ll find them imitating celebs such as Emma Watson at the Beauty & The Beast Premiere in New York, and Queen Bey posing whilst preggers with her twins.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow SluttyGingerbread

The @Slutty_Gingerbread Instagram account is definitely one worth following, for the ladies, and the photo descriptions by the @Slutty_Gingerbread team.

7 Instagram Accounts To Follow SluttyGingerbread

Follow @Slutty_Gingerbread on Instagram here.


@Eyescreamandfriends make shaved thin layers of ice cream, topped with two candy eyes.  And, they give me all kinds of feels!  They look delicious, and yet at the same time I want to take them home and look after them!

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow Eyescreamandfriends

Look at him!  He seems like he can’t believe his eyes at whatever is in front of him!

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow Eyescreamandfriends

A relative of Cookie Monster, with those eyes I think!

@Eyescreamandfriends have yummy sounding flavours – Strawberry; chocolate; vanilla; yoghurt; mango; wildberry yoghurt; and cheesecake!  Yum.

The process instore is that you pick up a cardboard tray, order your favourite flavour, choose two toppings, and then enjoy!

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow Eyescreamandfriends

What the hell am I doing here??

@Eyescreamandfriends shops are based around the World, in Barcelona; Dubai; Singapore; Kuwait; and Malaysia.  They offer a franchise opportunity globally – could you be the next person serving up sad, confused looking ice cream??

@Eyescreamandfriends Instagram gallery is completely worth following.  I love it for my daily dose of getting the feels.  They make me laugh, they make me feel sorry for them – I just love them.  I wish there was a shop near me.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow Eyescreamandfriends

As well as shaved layers of ice cream, @Eyescreamandfriends also sell natural handmade lollipops.  That one is based on the Eyescream Sad Tom.

I asked them on Instagram once why the picture of the yoghurt flavour in their shop was crying, and they said his name was Sad Tom, and all the other monsters pick on him!  Oh my days.  Heartbroken!

They also sell bottled Tears of Joy (water!).

Follow @Eyescreamandfriends on Instgram here.


@BurberrieJam’s Instagram account is just one of the most beautiful accounts I follow.  She creates just the most delightful cookies; crepe cakes; cup cakes; cream puffs; donuts…the list goes on.

8 Instagram accounts to follow BurberrieJam

I was exceptionally surprised when I found out that Joanne, (the baker behind @BurberrieJam), does all her baking as a hobby at home – she doesn’t make her wares to sell.

I think she’d have a queue all round the world if she did one day decide to turn her hobby into a business.

8 Instagram Accounts To Follow BurberrieJam

@BurberrieJam must have meticulous planning skills.  Her gallery follows a theme of beautiful muted shades of blue, grey, pink, purple, which combine stunningly to make a gallery that’s so easy on the eye.

Almost all of her photos are flat-lays, again, keeping everything clean and elegant looking.

And everything, EVERYTHING, is just so damn cute!

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow BurberrieJam

Yes, that’s Pusheen!  Isn’t she even cuter as a cookie??

Aren’t @BurberrieJam’s photos gorgeous??

Follow @BurberrieJam on Instagram here.


Another absolutely stunning Instagram account is that of @Luxeandthelady, with a carefully thought out and planned gallery of her stunning treats.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow LuxeandtheLady

@Luxeandthelady‘s Instagram gallery is a fabulous collection of colourful flat-lay’s.  She makes sweets and healthy treats which she turns into food art.  You’ll often find some of your favourite cartoon characters turned into a donut, cake, toast and even a smoothie!

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow LuxeandtheLady

It’s Pusheen again!  Look at her all cute on a pie!

@Luxeandthelady‘s Instagram gallery completely makes me smile.  The familiarity of the faces, on my favourite things – treats!  What’s not to love?!

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow Luxeandthelady

Look at the Avocuddles!

You can even contact @LuxeandtheLady for custom creations, or make suggestions on her Instagram photos of characters you’d like to see her bring to life in food.

Follow @LuxeandtheLady on Instagram here.


Kyrah of @KyrahsKitchen is a busy baker who makes gorgeous cupcakes to order, from her kitchen in Birmingham, UK.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow KyrahsKitchen

Kyrah makes a gorgeous range of cupcakes, with beautiful piping work, even including very clever two-tone piping!

Decorating them with all sorts of pretties such as fondant and chocolate shapes, edible glitter, and edible gold nuggets, the cupcakes from @KyrahsKitchen look absolutely delectable.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow KyrahsKitchen

Oh, did I mention that Kyrah, of the very successful @KyrahsKitchen, is just ten years old??  TEN YEARS OLD!!

Yes Kyrah, along with the help of her dad Sean, is a ten year old girl who runs a thriving, made-to-order cupcake business from their kitchen.

This inspirational young lady goes to school all day, then works on her business in the evenings and weekends.  With cupcakes as gorgeous as hers, it’s not hard to see how she has gained a loyal following of hundreds across Instagram and Twitter.

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow KyrahsKitchen

Kyrah is always finding ways to develop her skills, attending classes to learn new cupcake tricks.  On International Women’s Day she also became a Goddesse in Training award winner!  The judges loved her cupcakes, and thought it was amazing that she is so driven and motivated to succeed, at such a young age.

No doubt about it, this savvy ten year old is going places.  With the help of her obviously amazing and supportive dad, she has a very bright and successful future ahead of her.  I wish her all the luck in the world, though I doubt she needs it.

Follow @KyrahsKitchen on Instagram here.

So there you have it, the 8 Instagram accounts you need to follow RIGHT NOW, for total sweet treat eye candy.

Who are your favourite sweet treat instagrammers?

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8 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow RIGHT NOW For Total Sweet Treat Eye Candy



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