Joe’s Ice Cream Parlour Swansea

This was not my first visit to Joe’s Ice Cream Parlour.  Far from being my first, it was likely my hundredth.

Joe’s Ice Cream Parlour has been an institution in Swansea since the beginning of the 20th Century.  It’s a firm favourite with Swansea (and now Cardiff) residents, and anyone else who visits from further afield.  And for good reason.

Joe's Ice Cream Parlour Swansea

Joe’s Ice Cream – A Family Favourite

On this visit I took my twins for their very first Joe’s ice cream.  Their first of many they’ll have in their life now.

Sure, they’ve had ice cream before, what three year olds haven’t?  However, they’d yet to experience the ice cream that will one day throw them back to memories of their childhood, every time they eat it as an adult.  Joe’s ice cream.

Decisions Decisions…

Joe's Ice Cream Parlour Swansea

As they gazed through the glass, one twin zoned straight in on the chocolate flavour, and the other wanted the ever popular vanilla.  They had one scoop each, with chocolate sprinkles on the chocolate, and raspberry sauce on the vanilla.

My husband ordered the chocolate sauce sundae with chopped peanuts on top, and I ordered the hazelnut fudge sundae.  Something I haven’t tried before.

A lot of people (especially in summer) choose to have their Joe’s to take away and eat by the beach – just behind the shops across the street.  Something I’d normally have suggested, in milder weather.  It was bloody freezing outside though, so we chose to eat inside where the twins could properly savour their treat.

Now, one of my twins is like me and he doesn’t like to share, but he allowed me a small bit of his chocolate ice cream…for research purposes, you understand.  In all my visits to Joe’s ice cream, I’ve actually never ever tried any of their other flavours.  I’ve always had vanilla.

Of the small mouthful I managed to get, I could tell that it was a good solid chocolate flavour.  It had an after taste that told me it could only be a Joe’s ice cream.  If I can break with tradition, I’d definitely like to try that, (and other flavours) properly next time.

Joe's Ice Cream Parlour Swansea

I had no need to try my other twins ice cream.  I know that vanilla and raspberry sauce like the back of my hand.

My husbands chocolate sauce sundae I also know well.  Scoops of the flagship vanilla ice cream with layers of chocolate sauce, and their delicious chopped peanuts on top.

This was the first time I’d had the hazelnut fudge sundae.  It soon became evident that it was a hit when I had to battle to get it back from my husband, every time I looked away for a second!

Again, scoops of vanilla Joe’s ice cream, with layers of hazelnut fudge (Nutella-esque), and covered with chunky chopped hazelnuts.

Honestly, it was like eating a frozen Ferrero Rocher!

Joe's Ice Cream Parlour Swansea

It was de-li-cious.  I am a big Ferrero Rocher fan, so this was right up my street.

The only negative, if I can even call it that, was that the fudge on the bottom layers had gone hard with the cold.  So I had to cut through it with my spoon, rather than scoop it with my ice cream.  It was hardly a big price to pay though.

Joe’s ice cream is unlike any other ice cream I’ve had.  It’s very hard to describe how or why, other than to simply say – it’s my childhood.  I’ve no doubt it will take you back to yours, whether you’ve had Joe’s before or not.  I think it just has the power to do that.

And to quote the Italian-Welsh ice cream Gods themselves – “Everything else is just ice cream“.

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Joe’s Ice Cream have two parlours in Swansea, and one in Cardiff.

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