Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie Pudding from Tesco

I was really excited to try the Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie from Tesco.  We love warm, gooey chocolate brownie with ice cream as a dessert in this house.

Mary Berry is a national institute here in the UK – the Queen of Baking.  So it makes sense that a product with her name on it is going to be the best!

Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie Pudding

Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie

I found the brownie in the fridge section at Tesco.  It was reasonably priced at £3.50 for a (what I would call) small brownie, which apparently is to serve four people.

The Packaging

The packaging was pleasant and appealing, with Mary smiling at me on the top, and the brownie itself was served in a nice cardboard tray with baking paper.

The dessert also came with a little pot of white chocolate sauce to heat up and pour over the brownie.  A very nice addition to the box, I thought.

Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie

The Cooking Directions

The directions gave you the option of oven heating, or microwave heating.

I opted, as I normally would, for microwave heating.  The convenience and speed of microwave heating, when it’s an option, is always a plus point for me.

Having microwaved the Mary Berry Brownie for the recommended time, I found it was quite hot enough.

Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie

I then followed the instructions and microwaved the white chocolate sauce for the recommend time – and ended up with a pool of white chocolate sauce all over my micro plate!

Very annoying – I had lost half of the sauce!  The instructions need to advise a lot less heating time than it does! (The box has gone to recycling, so I can’t check for definite – but from memory I think it advised 30 seconds heating time)

I then lost a further lot of it by accidentally pouring the hot sauce all over my husband’s lap instead of into his bowl! Oops!

So, I ended up with only a smidgen of the sauce on my piece of Mary Berry Brownie sadly.

Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie

How the Brownie Tasted

On top of the brownie I added a scoop of Tesco Cornish Ice Cream, and some chopped hazelnuts.

My husband, who was finishing his off by the time I started eating mine (due to my need to photograph the product first), said it was too cakey, and that he much preferred the brownie I make.

I’m not going to lie, in that moment a part of me felt so smug thinking I was a better baker than Mary Berry!

Back in the real world, I made a start on gaining my first impressions of the dessert.

First Impression

At first, the Mary Berry Brownie had a very slight cardboard taste to it.  Perhaps this was because I opted to microwave the brownie, instead of ovening it, and the microwave has more of an adverse affect…?  Who knows.

Initial taste aside, I had to agree with my husband, it was ever so slightly cakey, and not fudgey and gooey like a brownie should be – especially a warm one!

However, the small amount of white chocolate sauce I had, did help to moisten it more.  It also added more sweetness – which I felt the brownie needed a little bit more of.

Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie


I wished I’d had more of the white chocolate sauce.

I also had the Tesco Cornish Ice Cream on top to add creaminess and melty ice cream goodness, and the chopped hazelnuts to add some crunch.


By the time I’d gotten half way through my dessert I was actually quite enjoying it.

I think when you see a name on a product, such as Mary Berry, you expect it to be an outstanding product.  But I had to remember Mary Berry didn’t make this brownie with her own fair hands, so its not going to taste like it’s fresh out of her very own oven.

Overall, for the price and convenience I would certainly buy the Mary Berry Belgian Chocolate Brownie again, as I did quite enjoy it.

But I would recommend making additions, like I did, of hazelnuts for example, and your favourite ice cream (one of mine is definitely the Tesco Cornish Ice Cream!).

Or of course make your own like I did in this post, and revel in your own baking greatness!

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