Melt in The Middle Puddings from Aldi

These melt in the middle puddings from Aldi come as a 2 pack.  Their lovely black box feautures a photo of the pudding looking oozingly delicious, spilling out over the plate.

Melt in the middle puddings from Aldi

The Belgian chocolate puddings, from the Aldi Specially Selected range, have got the ‘Great Taste 2016’ badge upon their lovely box.  I know why.  These little puddings gave me a great taste weekly, for half of 2016!  That is no exaggeration.

When I take a strong liking to something sweet, it plays a fairly frequent role in my life.  Until such point that I get sick at the thought of it, from eating waaay to much of it, anyway.  The Aldi melt in the middle puddings are still a very strong favourite of mine, despite having been in my life for around 6+ months (so it seems, anyway).

Sweet Desperation

In fact, I have actually gone out of my way to get to Aldi, with the sole intention of buying these melt in the middle puddings.  I’ve created situations whereby I need to go to Aldi for one thing (something quite unnecessary in truth), with the ulterior motive being that I just need to get my fix.  I need to make sure my lovely little brown bundles of joy are safely on their shelf in my fridge.

I know.  It sounds so silly, and extreme, to talk of a dessert that way.  Can it possibly be that good?

Melt in the middle puddings from Aldi

How to prepare the melt in the middle puddings

These melt in the middle puddings could not be any easier to prepare.  You simply take them out of their case, pop them into a bowl and microwave.  The instructions advise 30-35 seconds for a C/750W microwave, and 25-30 seconds for a D/850W microwave.

However, as I am sure any seasoned microwave user will understand, timings can be hit and miss in most cases – and it’s certainly the case with the Aldi melt in the middle puddings.

Practice makes perfect

I tend to vary at stopping the microwave at between 28 seconds, to 30.  I look through the door glass to keep an eye on it, as it can be very easy to overcook a micro pudding.  Not that the flavour is affected by a slight bit of overcooking, but the overall taste and experience is slightly less than that of a perfectly cooked pud.

So my advice would be to buy a couple of boxes and try each pudding at varying times, until you get it right!

Once heated, add cream.  I tend to keep the cream on hand, and add a little bit at a time, so as not to affect the heat of the pudding for the duration of my eating it.

Melt in the middle puddings from Aldi

The description on the box

“These unbelievably good puds have been created by family bakers, who have been baking goods for more than 120 years.  Based on an all butter recipe these deliciously decadent melt in the middle puddings are made with a lovely, soft chocolate sponge and a rich, Belgian chocolate centre.”.

Sounds good, right?

Melt in the middle pudding from Aldi

My description and final verdict

There is only one downside to these puddings.  I’ve yet to get a chocolate centre oozing out, quite like it shows on the box.  Perhaps I’ve simply not mastered the heating times sufficiently.  Also, the top of my puddings always crack, again, unlike the picture on the box.

However, do not let that deter you.

When you put that first gooey mouthful in your mouth – you will feel the hot, soft fudgy texture melting over your tongue.  And like when you first sit and relax in your most favourite armchair at the end of a hard day…poomf! – you will slump with the pleasure of it.

Worth going out of your way for

The Belgian Chocolate Melt in The Middle Puddings are worthy of making a special journey to Aldi for.  They are the definite front runner of melt in the middle puddings, of all the top supermarkets.  In my opinion.  And at less than £2 for a box of two, you may as well get a couple of boxes to keep you going!

What do you think?

Have you already tried these and can also recommend them?

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