Pwdin Cart – New York Style Caramel Cheesecake & Custard Tart

Pwdin Cart travels around bringing its deliciously sweet wares to markets up and down Wales.

I first found out about Pwdin Cart on Twitter, and I was instantly drawn to them from their photos of their desserts. They looked seriously good!

I decided to hunt them down asap, and found them to be in the Marina Market, Swansea, two days later.  Score!

Pwdin Cart Stall

Pwdin Cart Stall

My keen dessert eye spotted them within 10 seconds of arriving at the market.  Heading towards their stall I was not disappointed.

Pwdin Cart had a fantastic range of around 9 different pwds, but my eyes widened at two in particular – the custard tart, and the New York style caramel cheesecake.

The Custard Tart

The first thing that you couldn’t help but notice about the Pwdin Carts custard tart, was the enormity of it!  I mean, look at it….!

Pwdin Cart Custard Tart

Impressive, right?

The custard tart, (and the cheesecake), came in great brown cardboard boxes, waxed on the inside to prevent leakage.  It opened up giving plenty of space to dig your fork in and get your sugar fix on the move.

When I got the custard tart out and placed it down, it had a delightful jiggle. It looked so creamy, and utterly delicious.

The top was golden, as it should be, and the sweet shortcrust too, was golden and thick.

Pwdin Cart Custard Tart Crust

It cut easily, keeping it’s form perfectly.

Far from being like the pre-packed custard tarts you’ll find in supermarkets, the Pwdin Carts custard tart tasted of the very best custard, much like Madagascan vanilla custard.  It was exceptionally creamy – quite mild in custard flavour if you’re typically used to the store bought variety.  Rather, this had more of a decadence about it.

The crust, true to how it looked, was indeed thick, and sweet, and crusty yet soft.  Really delicious.

All in all its a very good custard tart, and my husband, who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, loved it!

The New York Style Caramel Cheesecake

Yet again, this was a humongous portion.  It filled me with joy, to have so much of what promised to be a truly good pwd, from looks alone.

Pwdin Cart NY Style Cheesecake

I’ve been to New York, and I’ve had (and LOVED) a few of their cheesecakes.  What really annoys me about the UK, is shops that sell ‘New York style’ cheesecake, that look and taste absolutely NOTHING like New York cheesecake.

Seriously, stop calling it that!  What you have is a regular vanilla cheesecake.

Now, the Pwdin Carts NY Style cheesecake does in fact look very similar to an actual New York cheesecake!  Look at its size, and more importantly look at that baked edge!… New York Style baby!

Pwdin Cart NY Style Cheesecake Crust

It cuts beautifully, again holding form well.  The caramel sauce, over the course of the day being stuck for hours in my fridge, had thickened ever so slightly from what it was when I bought it.

So how did it taste?

Well, quite similar to an actual New York cheesecake!

Yes, the Pwdin Cart have actually managed to produce something worthy of being called New York style.

It’s a light cheesecake, with bite.  The flavour is mild, and not huge in sugar.  Like New York cheesecake, its predominantly creamy more than anything else.  The way it should be.

Pwdin Cart NY Style Cheesecake cut

The caramel sauce offers that hit of sweetness to counterbalance the creaminess, without overpowering the main focus of the dessert.

It’s simply delightful.  I’ve finally found a local alternative to an actual New York cheesecake.  I’ve tried many cheesecakes that claim to be New York style, all of which in my opinion fail completely to be anything like.

So, until I can get back to my favourite city across the pond, I’m exceptionally happy to have found a delicious substitute in the Pwdin Carts New York style cheesecake, to keep me going.

Well done Pwdin Cart!

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Pwdin Cart have no physical shop, but can be found at farmers markets in Wales, and can also cater for events.

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