Strawberry Iced Ring Doughnuts – Tesco

I recently went to Tesco and found Strawberry Iced Ring Doughnuts in their bakery.

I love doughnuts, but I’ve always gone for ones with a brown top… Chocolate, toffee, caramel, fudge.  That’s it.  I always lean towards brown desserts in general, because you know, brown = chocolate = deliciousness, right?

In an attempt to vary my brown looking instagram feed, I figured I need to stray outside the box I’ve created for myself when it comes to sweet treats.

Srrawberry Iced Ring Doughnuts


Strawberry Iced Ring Doughnuts

Pretty much the only bright coloured option, I popped a box of four strawberry iced ring doughnuts in my trolley.

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely looking forward to them, so I also popped a bag of Madelaines, Nutella and some chocolate in my trolley too – just in case.

Strawberry Iced Ring Doughnuts

Why have I never had these before? Seriously, why??

Well I can imagine why… I’ll often be heard saying “fruit is NOT a dessert”, and as these were STRAWBERRY iced ring doughnuts, I had always been put off.

Yes, strange reasoning, I know.  That’s just how my mind works.

Sooooo good!

This is how good they were – I opened the pack in the car before leaving the Tesco car park, something I very frequenty do.  I ate one – and then I think I died a little inside, for all the years I’ve snubbed these strawberry iced ring doughnuts previously.

Yes, I LOVED it! El oh vee ee dee’d it!

How it tasted

The actual dough was so soft, so light, and just sweet enough – beautiful.  The icing was gooey, sticky and sweet – but not ‘sting your sensitive teeth’ sweet.  It had a gorgeous flavour, of almost strawberry milkshake, but with a bit more zing to it.  Without being too zingy – I wouldn’t have liked that.

In comparison to my recent Krispy Kreme donut this was just a delicious ring of perfection.

I won’t lie to you – I ate three of them in one day.  And I licked the last one to make sure no one else would want it.

Strawberry Iced Ring Doughnuts

In conclusion I will most definitely be having these strawberry iced ring doughnuts again, and I really recommend them.

Of course now the problem is I have years worth of catching up to do!

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