The Thoughtful Bread Company – Flapjack & Macaron

The Thoughtful Bread Company, an artisan bakery in the town of Bath, UK, pride themselves on “producing hand-crafted bread from local, seasonal ingredients”.  More so than that (for me, anyway), they sell cakes!

The Thoughtful Bread Company

I could have died and gone to heaven quite happily with the last smell I ever had the pleasure of smelling, being that of the inside of The Thoughtful Bread Company.

A heady scent of freshly baked bread mixed with ‘just been melted’ grilled cheese, my senses are fully heightened.  Honestly, is there a nicer smell?  I think not.  Even after leaving I had to pop my head back in once more, to fill my nostrils with that smell to take away!

Inside The Thoughtful Bread Company

The bakery is a tidy size, with a coffee shop attached to the side that you easily walk through to.

The whole place makes me think ‘rustic hipster’.  It’s grown up; homely.  Yet it has a hipness about it that makes me think this must be where cool people come for coffee and a loaf.

As well as freshly baked breads, lovingly on display, The Thoughtful Bread Company sell paninis, croque monsieurs, and the like.  But I came for the cakes.

Thoughtful Bread Co Cake Display

My First Macaron…kind of

You may find it hard to believe when I say I’ve never had a macaron before.  It’s true though, I haven’t.  Except once…

Have you ever been to France, tried one of their delicacies, not enjoyed it in the slightest, sworn never to try one again, and so agree with yourself to pretend you never ate it in the first place?  No?  Just me then…

So, in keeping with my fabrication, this day I had my first ever macaron.

Thoughtful Bread Co Macaron

Of the two flavours on offer, I chose the chocolate orange over the mocha.  I liked the sound of both, and in hindsight I should have bought one of each.  I’ll just need to go back to The Thoughtful Bread Company to try the mocha one another time. For now, chocolate orange.

The meringue biscuit is crispy, the way a good macaron should be, I believe.  Inside its soft and squidgy.  The filling is firm, but melt in the mouth.

Thoughtful Bread Co Macaron

Flavourwise I can pick up both a fresh burst of zesty orange, coupled with a familiar sweet chocolate orange hit.  It’s a welcome sensation, for someone who doesn’t typically like anything orange flavoured that is not Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

All in all it works well.  And whilst I’m not completely sold on macarons as a whole, The Thoughtful Bread Company has produced one that I would be happy to eat again, and I will look forward to trying the mocha flavour, and any others they do, in the future.

Flapjack, Naturally

I LOVE flapjacks – sweet; sticky; syrupy, they give me the necessary sugar hit I sometimes need.  Yes, with all the sweet stuff I eat day to day, I still sometimes need a sugar hit!

So when I saw them in the display, I chose the flapjack, naturally – despite being unlike the traditional flapjack that would normally turn my eye.

I inquired as to which of the flapjacks they would recommend most.  They told me the banoffee flapjack was a big hit with customers, with strong banana flavour throughout.  I love flapjacks, I love bananas.  Bag me one up!

Thoughtful Bread Co Banoffee Flapjack

My fingers easily broke the flapjack in two, promising me of its softness.  The topping, flopping gently down, told me of its freshness.

When I put it in my mouth I wasn’t overwhelmed with banoffee flavour, and at first I was disappointed.  It was the reason I had bought the flapjack in the first place.

However, the more I ate of it, the more I could pick up an ever so delicate, and subtle, hint of banoffee.  As I continued to taste it I began to fully savour, and appreciate, the fact that it wasn’t a strong flavour.  I think it would have distracted from the experience of enjoying this flapjack, for what it was, as a whole.

Thoughtful Bread Co Banoffee Flapjack

The actual flapjack base was just sweet enough.  It won’t affect your sensitive teeth, like a tradition syrup flapjack will.  It was a lovely consistency of fine oats, and you can tell that only the best type of oats are used.

The topping – well, I can’t quite describe what exactly it was.  Perhaps a hybrid of cream cheese; icing; frosting;…heaven?  Whatever it was, it was so so creamy and melted in my mouth, blending with the oaty base exquisitely.

Final Verdict

Whilst I may not be jumping fully onto the macaron bandwagon that’s currently trending, the Thoughtful Bread Company has given me another reason to visit Bath again, and found a brand new flapjack fan right here!  A great choice and worthy of them recommending it as a big seller.

Thank goodness the portions are big enough that I am able to be sitting here still eating it, for breakfast the next day!

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The Thoughtful Bread Company can be found at 19 Barton Street, Bath, BA1 1HG, and use only fresh, local ingredients for all of their baking.


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