Treats, Darling? Cake Pops from Scotland

Having never tried a cake pop before, I was delighted when Treats, Darling? asked if they could send me some to review.

Of course I said yes!

Disclosure: I was sent these cake pops in return for my honest review.

Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

Unboxing my Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

The packaging was very protective.  A cardboard box, filled with packing peanuts, surrounded my golden treasure.

The bright yellow box had a window on top, giving me a glimpse of what was inside.  The box itself was printed with tempting words, such as luscious, yummy and scrumptious.

Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

Treats, Darling? had the allergen label clearly on the back of the box, letting me know exactly what was inside should I have any allergies.

Inside the box, the cake pops were sitting on a bed of pink shredded paper – a nice contrast to the yellow box.

Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

Each Treats, Darling? cake pop was individually wrapped in a cellophane bag, tied with purple ribbon, and a heart shaped tag explaining the different flavours.

Treats, Darling? sent me two each of The Classic, Double Chocolate, and the latest flavour, Banoffee.

Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

The Cake Pops First Impressions

When I undid the ribbon on the first cake pop and opened the cellophane bag, the first thing that hit me was the intense smell of chocolate!  Delicious!  I couldn’t wait to tuck in, but I had all the photography ahead of me first!

Each cake pop was a decent size – a bit bigger than a golf ball – and was a nice weight.  They felt solid, and each one stayed perfectly on its stick.

Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

How Each Flavour Tasted

As I mentioned earlier, Treats Darling? sent me two of each flavour of The Classic, Double Chocolate, and their latest flavour Banoffee.  I couldn’t wait to bite into these lovely looking cake pops which I’d been photographing for the last hour!

Each tag told me the flavour name, and a description of the cake pop.

Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

Each cake pop was deliciously dense, much like a brownie in that sense, but with more texture.

I found that eating three in one sitting suited me nicely.  I felt like I’d had a treat.

Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

The Double Chocolate

Tag description – Rich chocolate sponge, chocolatey buttercream, and covered in chocolate.

The Double Chocolate tasted as you’d expect – an intense hit of chocolate, but it wasn’t overpowering.  Certainly a treat for a chocolate lover, such as myself.

It also had a dusting of gold lustre on top.  Pretty!

Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

The Classic

Tag description – Vanilla sponge, creamy vanilla buttercream, covered in chocolate.

The Classic tasted like a delicious birthday cake with a chocolate coating.  It was light tasting, but full of flavour.  One that I’d love to eat more of on a sunny day.

It had an attractive white chocolate drizzle over the top.

Treats, Darling? Cake Pops

The Banoffee

Tag description – Chocolate and banana cake, toffee buttercream, covered in chocolate.

The Banoffee seemed extra moist in consistency, and whilst I didn’t get an overwhelming sense of banoffee (likely because it is a banana cake and chocolate cake combo), you could certainly pick up the undertones of banoffee.

This cake pop had a freeze-dried banana decoration.


If I had to choose only one to have again, it would be a toss up between The Classic and The Banoffee – and The Banoffee has a slight edge over The Classic.

Yes, Banoffee was definitely my favourite, and one I’d happily eat again and again.

If I lived locally to Treats, Darling? then I likely would be following them around all the markets and fayres they frequently attend.

If you live locally, I recommend you do the same!

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Treats, Darling? offer free delivery in their local area of Kirkcudbright, Scotland, UK.  They attend many markets and fayres, and have a full years worth of dates and venues to check out on the Contact Us page of their website.

They also provide their treats for wedding favours, parties and also provide sweet cart hire, and do cake parties!

Check them out!

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