Twix Cheesecake by Coppenrath & Wiese

I love cheesecake.  And chocolate.  And caramel.  Together or separate, I’m not fussed.  So when I spotted the Twix Cheesecake in my local store, I HAD to have it.

Twix Cheesecake box

Twix Cheesecake First Impressions

You’ll find the Twix Cheesecake in the freezer section of the supermarket.  The instructions advise to remove from the box, and put on a plate at room temperature for around three hours, before eating.

I just put the box in my fridge.  I’d bought it early in the morning, so assumed that it would be ready to eat by the evening.

As always, I first made sure the kids were definitely asleep so the risk of them coming down, seeing my dessert and wanting to share was at minimum risk level.  I then set about unboxing my Twix Cheesecake.

One thing that really bugs me, and affects my initial enjoyment of a dessert, is the discovery that the item is sat in a very snug foil tray.

Tight to the edges, with no easy way to to remove, it’s a good thing this is a dessert for one (in my case), and not to serve to guests!

I start loosening the sides, going around the circle.  Tipping it upside down, I bash it on top of my other hand to get it out of its foil prison.

I catch it, then have to wash the melted chocolate off my hand before I can take photos.

Twix Cheesecake top view

The chocolate top is thick, about half a centimetre.  It’s solid, like a chocolate bar, and is encasing a good amount of biscuit balls.  Below it is a thick layer of sweet, gooey caramel, and below that the creamy cheesecake.  All sat on a very crumbly, sugary biscuit base.

As it’s being cut you can see the hard chocolate top pushing down the softer layers beneath.  But it cuts fine enough, with just the centre breaking a little.

When I cut even more, it started cracking and splodging.

Twix Mine and hubby bit

‘It doesn’t taste like a Twix’ my husband said, after he’d sneaked a piece.

Well, it wouldn’t.  It’s a cheesecake!  Other than having some components of a Twix, it’s still a cheesecake.  It has one major component not in a Twix…. Cheesecake!

Mocking aside, he enjoyed how it tasted.  As did I.

Twix cheescake slice yellow background

What a sticky delicious mess!

Digging into it with my spoon, there’s simply no easy way to cut a mouthful without making a mess.  The chocolate top is so thick that the soft bits underneath just squish everywhere.

I have to look around my bowl picking out a bit of chocolate, a bit of caramel, cheesecake, and base, to get a bit of all the components in my mouth at the same time.

That doesn’t bother me though.  It’s absolutely delicious, and I’m happy to have a big delicious mess in my bowl to sort through. I can easily plan and prepare my last mouthful, with all the best looking bits, in advance.  Something I do with any food I eat.  Doesn’t everyone?

Twix Cheesecake my slice

Final verdict

There’s no doubt that this Twix Cheesecake will be in my mouth again, quite a lot.

The combination of such thick chocolate that you know and love from the Mars company; sweet caramel; creamy cheesecake and sugary biscuit make for a deliciously indulgent treat for one.  Oh alright, share if you must.

If you’re planning dessert for a dinner party, then given the mess this makes, this is not the choice for you.

If you’re planning a ‘Netflix and chill’ night, but want to replace the ‘chill’, with chilled dessert – this is an ideal choice!


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